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office sanitization

Some thoughts on Sanitization in offices or otherwise also

Very often , Office Sanitization and disinfection is overlooked upon . However post the Corona Crisis, we will have to focus on the Office Sanitization especially in the Indian Context.

This is an attempt to collate both services and products in the office sanitization space using best practices used across the globe.

One company we admire is Clean Fanatic which has been doing a great job in reducing cross contamination .

This website will attempt to open up the world of office sanitization for Facility managers in India . They would be able to get knowledge and expertise on what is applicable across the globe.They can then apply those in the present context .

We would be talking about sanitization and disinfection techniques and methods which are effective as well as implementable . This will increase the efficiency of the FM manager in the office as they would be able to fight against Covid in a concerted and proper manner.

The articles will also be intended to answer questions like “Sanitization meaning in Hindi”

What are the terms involved

The actual difference in processes

Before we understand the how, let us get an idea if the terms being used and also if these can be used interchangebly?

  • Sanitization (cleaning) – This is a process of washing, cleaning or removing dirt. It eliminates dust, debris, and germs on the surface.
  • Disinfection – This is a method of destroying pathogenic microorganisms and removing most organisms present on the surface. It will also prevent infections. For example, we disinfect areas where we change a child’s diaper.
  • Sterilization – This involves handling and killing all microbial and forms of bacteria, fungi, and viruses present on an object’s surface.

As a good practice , it is always better to check with the cleaning agency before deciding . The right kind of questions which a lot of office facility managers are able to ask is important. It will provide an idea of whether the associated vendor is able to do right Office Sanitization and Disinfection.


Think about the amount of surfaces that the team is accountable for cleaning frequently in a commercial workplace, and the number of folks come in contact with these surfaces: seminar tables, door handles, flooring, restrooms, break rooms and much more. Cleaning professionals have been tasked with completely cleaning and disinfecting particular surfaces throughout an eight-hour change, and enjoy tools which help them finish that work efficiently and economically. A disinfectant that cleans nicely can be employed on wide-variety of surfaces also contains short dwell times to get rid of germs, is a good one to look out for industrial offices.